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Abstract & Contemporary

A Warrior's Journey, by Carlos Castillo


Giclee print signed and enhanced by the artist with Certificate of Authenticity  Measures 36" x 96"  

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Additional Info

Painting became instinctive and spontaneous; with themes ranging from nudes to landscapes.
Carlos has described his current style as his most satisfying to date,
” It represents my liberation from the structure of methodical painting. It is spontaneous, passionate
and energetic. I sketch and paint intuitively; I approach the blank canvas and invoke it with images
created with gestural strokes of sketching, textural and painting materials. The initial stage is rather
quick, as I progress, I add detail to create the finished piece. I paint with my canvas laying flat on the
floor, a more natural position to me than the traditional easel painting. Music plays a key role in my
creative experience, it expedites the natural flow of thoughts from my mind to the canvas. All these
elements add a different dimension to the primitive but refined images I create.
I am am constantly evolving as an artist, I achieve great pleasure in doing what I do. It plays an integral
part of how I see and understand the world we live in.